Behavior Matrix/Rules
Behavior Matrix

NLS Eagles are Respectful, Responsible and Ready to FLY


  Ready Respectful Responsible
Cafeteria * use restroom and wash before lunch

* walk

* use a quiet voice

* use table manners

* keep track of belongings

* keep track of belongings

* hands and feet to self


 * stay seated quietly

* have your materials ready

* have your work area ready

* use a quiet voice

* hands and feet to self

* use materials properly

* raise your hand and wait

* ask for help

* be a good listener and thinker

* be a good worker and friend

* do your best


 * gym shoes on and tied

* walk in and line up quietly

* seated and quiet in less than one minute

* treat your classmates kindly

* speak to your classamates appropriately

* show good sportsmanship

* hands and feet to self

* collect equipment

* listen to adult instruction

* do your best


 * walk directly behind the person  ahead of you

* face forward

* shoes tied

* keep to the rigth on the stairs

* hands at your sides

* remain quiet

* use a direct route

* always walk


 * wear proper clothing

* line up as soon as the whistle blows

* keep hands and feet to yourself

* voices quiet upon entering the building

* ask others to join you in play

* bring in what you take out

* solve problems using your voice

* play safely

* listen to adult instruction


 * use the bathroom at appropriate times

* get in - get out

* honor personal space

* remain quiet

* flush the toliet

* wash your hands

* keep bathroom clean

* return to class promptly

* report problems to an adult


 * be at the bus stop when the bus gets there

* know your bus number

* quickly take your seat


* hands and feet to slef

* use appropriate language

* let others out of their seat before you

* remain seated for the entire ride

* listen to the driver

* keep the bus clean

* tell the driver about any problems